About Karen

Karen StolzMy Philosophy Of Yoga

Yoga is a way of life for me, encompassing physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects. Working with my body gives me a feeling of well-being on many levels: physical, mental and emotional. By integrating conscious breathing with the physical movements of yoga, I feel an greater awareness of my body and of my place in the universe.

I believe yoga is a system for personal development that is accessible to all. I appreciate the opportunity to share yoga with my students through my classes and private sessions.

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Training & Experience

I have practiced yoga since 1981 and have taught it since 2001. I have chosen to teach Iyengar yoga because I believe the precise alignment and attention to detail that characterizes Iyengar yoga is fundamental to learning and safely executing the poses. The Iyengar teaching method is a solid foundation upon which to build better physical, mental and emotional health and to pursue higher spiritual goals.

My training is in Iyengar yoga, and I have successfully completed Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training, Level 1, given by Richard Schachtel, at the Center For Yoga of Seattle. I have studied with Joan White, Angela Farmer, Victor Van Kooten, Vickie Vollmer, and Donna Farhi among others. I also have experience with other styles of yoga including Kripalu and Ashtanga.

Since 1985 I have also been a full-time mountain guide, instructing and guiding rock and ice climbing, skiing and mountaineering, with Alpine Adventures, Inc. I have worked with body awareness and movement skills my entire life.

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